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Interested in blogging for us?(09 May 2016)
By IGAPostgradReps

The International Gothic Association (IGA) unites teachers, scholars, and students from around the world that are interested in exploring the rich and lively mode of the Gothic in its various aesthetic forms. Our website unites critical collaboration, encouraging a platform for open discussion amongst our members. The IGA helps exchange contemporary ideas upon and research into the Gothic as widely and effectively as possible.

In line with this objective, the postgraduate/graduate community of the IGA, known as IGA Postgrads, encourages its members to contribute to the ever expanding online information repository about the Gothic through its Postgraduate Blog. Every month, the blog features posts by a different graduate student working in the field of the Gothic, across time periods, geographies and disciplines. You can see examples of past posts on the blog here:

We are currently seeking keen Bloggers to inspire discussion throughout the summer of 2016. The requirements we look for in the applicants and the posts are as follows:

  • The applicants must be graduate students working with some aspect of the Gothic.
  • Posts can consist of the applicant's current dissertation/thesis work, but it may also include film/book and event reviews.
  • Blog posts should be 1000 words or less and written in a conversational tone, with the intent of sparking conversation within the IGA community.
  • Posts should be publication-ready (that is, complete and carefully edited). Minor revisions may be requested (e.g., due to length, typos).
  • Any citation style may be used for referencing blog posts so long as you maintain consistency.

You are free to write upon any aspect of the Gothic in your blog posts. Previous themes and topics have included:

  • Haunted Houses/Spectral Visitations/Spiritualism/Possession
  • Transnational Gothic and Horror Cinema
  • Gothic Revenants: Zombies, Vampires, etc.
  • Gothic Centuries
  • Gothic and Science: Cyborgs, Digital Media, Sci-Fi and Gothic Hybrids
  • Gothic and Politics
  • Modern and Contemporary Goth Subcultures: Music, Fashion, etc.
  • Gothic Animals and the Environment/Ecocriticism
  • Gothic Translations and Adaptations
  • Global Gothic and Non-Western Gothic Traditions
  • Historical Gothic
  • Gothic Theatre/Spectacle/Phantasmagoria
  • Gothic and Theory
  • Gothic and Digital Humanities
  • Gothic and Print Culture/Book History/Materiality

Do note, however, that these topics are not exhaustive and we invite you to share your own original ideas and Gothic endeavours. We facilitate one guest-blogger per month, although we also manage a more open forum called The Haunt, in which you may raise questions or talk more openly and informally about the Gothic, the IGA and appropriate forthcoming conferences.

Please get in touch with the IGA Postgrad Reps Caroline Winter, Tugce Bicakci and Ben Noad through if you are interested or have any questions. If you would like to submit a post, please write in your e-mail a short introduction about yourself and your research/interests.

Keep in mind that this is a great opportunity to share your research with the IGA community as well as to make your unique voice heard in social media! We are on Twitter as @IGAPostgrads and Facebook as International Gothic Association Postgraduate Community. We look forward to hearing from you!