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    Apply to be an IGA Postgrad Rep!(19 Aug 2015)
    By Laura Kremmel

    Your fearless leaders, Chloe and Laura will be stepping down as the IGA postgrad reps while the IGA selects new ones. It is a two-year position that entails recruiting and facilitating monthly bloggers, keeping the facebook page active, and managing the twitter feed. There's also room to do other things with the position, such as the postgrad pub night we organized at the conference. With the new website coming, there may be even more opportunities to build the IGA postgrad community.

    How to apply:

    Email a short statement about why you want to be a rep and what you would do with the position to Angela Wright (a.h.wright@sheffield.ac.uk) and Catherine Spooner (c.spooner@lancaster.ac.uk) by September 10th. You must be a member of the IGA and have at least two years of postgrad work ahead of you to be eligible.